Tideland manufactures bridge lighting solutions customised to clients needs. Our lanterns are manufactured with unique and proprietary optics which provide a 360 degree beam at various vertical divergence options. Each lantern is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment including ice build up in extremes of latitude and high temperatures experienced along the equatorial plane.

Tideland lanterns will adequately mark bridges with wide vertical divergence where it is required. We deliver quality solutions for each bridge type and class with minimum requirement or customised to client specifications to elevate navigation safety.


Bridge Lantern Product

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Best in class for use on bridge lighting, greatly reduces maintenance and has superior efficiency compared to incandescent lanterns

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For platforms, buoys and bridges the ML-140 continues its popularity

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MaxiHALO-60 II

A Tideland Signal proprietary light source, projecting a light in a 360 degree horizontal beam pattern. Designed for use in all of the Tideland ML range of lanterns and also in competitors lanterns as a retrofit

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SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON

The industry leader for reliability and accuracy

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Patent pending, a world first, RACON and AIS combined

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