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Singapore Office

10 Upper Aljunied Link
Singapore 367904

Phone: +65 6333 0078

Fax: +65 6333 0079

Email: asia-sales@tidelandsignal.com

China Contact Information

Phone: +86 (0) 158 0223 7983 (primary)

Phone: +86 (0) 138 0101 4639

Email: asia-sales@tidelandsignal.com




Tideland Signal is part of Xylem Analytics and a leading provider of marine aids to navigation. Xylem Analytics is part of Xylem Inc., a global company focused on solving the world’s most challenging and fundamental water issues. As accurate analysis is crucial to the water industry, Xylem Analytics taps its diverse product brands for leadership in that field and beyond, providing the best laboratory and field monitoring instrumentation across a wide variety of industries. www.xylem.com


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