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Offshore HelideckZone 1

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Tideland supplies a complete offshore helideck platform lighting solution utilising ILED technology with standard products certified to Zone 1 . Fully compliant with CAP 437 requirements, our product solution is comprised of Circle-H Helideck lighting systems, perimeter (high-power LEDs in Green,Red, Blue, Amber, and white ) lights, lighted aviation wind cones, status lights, surface floodlights, and helideck lighting controllers. Tideland offers world-class offshore and onshore helideck solutions made to withstand the harshest of environments and manufactured to fully comply with the UK CAA CAP 437 standards for Offshore Helicopter landing areas, edition 7, amendment 01/2013. All system products are manufactured out of corrosion resistant materials. A brochure providing an overview of this system is available by clicking here.

Offshore Zone 1

ILED CIRCLE-H Helideck Lighting System

ILED Aquarius CIRCLE-H Helideck Lighting System

· Fitted in place – including mounting plate less than 25 mm
· Certified to IP66/67
· Ambient Temperature Range of -30°C to +55°C
· Machined Marine Grade Aluminium
· ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certified
· Low power consumption
· Special anti slip coating

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Perimeter Lights

Model - ILED Aquarius Helideck Perimeter Light

The ILED Aquarius Perimeter is manufactured with a
toughened soda lime glass lens that has a high impact and fracture resistance and utilises the highest quality of high power LEDs – in the colours of Green, Red, Blue, Amber, and White.
The output intensity of the LED lights is that as required
according to CAA and ICAO guidelines and requirements.

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Lighted Aviation Wind Cones

Model - ILED illuminated Windsock

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock is manufactured out of
corrosion resistant materials. All exposed material, with the
exception of the lighting fixture itself, is Stainless steel AISI 316L.
Also available as an optional extra is an integral Red obstruction light.

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Status Lights

Model - ILED Dorado Status Light

The ILED Dorado is hermetically sealed, so as to ensure that
environmental conditions do not affect the functionality of the light.
The housing is manufactured from marine grade aluminium alloy – making the product extremely resistant to seawater.

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Surface Floodlights

Model - ILED Aquarius Helideck Floodlight

The ILED Aquarius Helideck Floodlight is made with an anodized,
marine grade aluminium casting, making it highly resistant to
seawater environments and therefore perfectly suitable for marine
applications. The integral mounting bracket allows the unit to be
easily fixed and the direction of the beam in the horizontal to be

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