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Offshore SystemNEC CLASS I, Division 2

Unitised Light AIS power racon fog detector fog signal

Tideland equipment is used on platforms on numerous continents and in numerous countries. Typical systems include a UL, Class I, Division 2 fog signal, two 5 or 10NM lights and may also include additional items such as a fog detector, RACON and AIS. Other options include synchronisation and remote monitoring.

All equipment supplied to the Gulf of Mexico is approved by the USCG according to 33 CFR part 67 for Class A, B and C structures. A brochure providing an overview of this system is available by clicking here.

OffshoreNEC CLASS I, Division 2

Audible Aids

AB-560 - Fog Signal

USCG approved and a world leading industry standard

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EEX Rated - Fog Detector

One of the few fog detectors that is EEx rated

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Electronic Aids

SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON

The industry leader for reliability and accuracy

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V-20 Informer™ - AIS Automatic Identification System

New to our range with enclosed GPS

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Power System

Battery Box

Suitable for Zone 1 hazardous areas

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Ex Module Solar Panel

GMU, UL, and Ex rated panels available, designed for use with all Tideland products

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Light Station


Best in class for up to 10NM, the most efficient available

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The industry standard from 4 to 7NM

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Unitised System

Class A Offshore Structure

One of the first approved systems by the USCG for use in the Gulf of Mexico

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The Tideland Sola-Chan continues to be the unit of preference worldwide for non-self contained requirements

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