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Tideland offers complete system solutions for Ports & Harbours that includes traffic separation schemes, outer sea buoys, channel buoys, inner harbour buoys and jetty lights. To compliment the complete system offering we also have lighthouse systems, range lights and meteorological/hydrological buoys.

When suggesting equipment for use in a Port or Harbour many factors need to be considered including size of port, size of vessels, frequency of vessels and the navigation route.

The following products will provide a solution to specific needs, Tideland also offers solutions for Ports & Harbours that have unique requirements.

Ports & Harbours



Ideal for open sea use with additional capacity for a RACON or Met/Hyd equipment

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SB-2.2 and SB 3.0

Most popular as a cost effective channel marker buoy which can include local manufacture

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The industry standard which many have copied for an "after market" version

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Best in class for a medium sized buoy that has exceptional stability in fast water yet is easy to handle and maintain

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Ideal for small ports and harbours with second to none stability

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Elastic Beacon

A world class articulated buoy for accurate channel marking in deeper waters and proudly supplied with our partners, FLOATEX

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Ideal for adding AIS or Satellite monitoring

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The industry standard from 4 to 7NM

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L-110, L-120, and L-130

For ranges up to 3NM at an affordable price

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Best in Class for up to 10NM, the most efficient available

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From 11 to 18NM range with the best possible efficiency


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Omni-directional sector LED light


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From 4 to 10NM range with the best possible efficiency

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Rotating Beacons


Clients who require exceptional performance choose the TRB-400 over any other rotating beacon

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Similar to the TRB-400, a proven and reliable design that has stood the test of time

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Range (leading) Lights

RL-200 MaxLumina®

Clients who have purchased this range light always return for its high efficiency, simple installation and cost effective design

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RLED MasterRange


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RLED-355 MaxLumina®

Developed for the USCG, the range light of preference, high efficiency and no alignment required

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Electronic Aids & AIS

SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 Racon

The industry leader for reliability and accuracy

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V-20 Informer™ - AIS Automatic Identification System

New to our range with enclosed GPS

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