Our popular remote monitoring system for Satellite, GSM and AIS
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e-NavTRACK is completely web based and is hosted by Tideland Signal. It provides remote monitoring of all assets via a simple AIS satellite or GSM modem.

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  • Features

    Each asset is equipped with an AIS satellite or GSM modem and vital data can be monitored such as:

    • Position
    • Battery voltage
    • Lantern (equipment fail)
    • Auxiliary input

    e-NavTRACK is specifically designed to monitor fixed assets (such as those on a bridge) or floating buoys.

    If a warning situation occurs, a signal is immediately sent to the e-NavTRACK. Upon reciept, a text or e-mail message is sent to the pre-set user.

    Individual data can be viewed within your web browser by simply clicking on an asset icon.

    Asset’s historical data is conveniently stored within e-NavTRACK and historical reports can be run between chosen dates and times.

    The system is completely hosted and clients can simply view data via a user ID and password protected portal. There is no requirement to download software to your PC.