GSM Global System for Mobile Communication

Ideal for those locations within GSM coverage
300 x 300

The GSM is Tideland Signal’s unique approach to creating real time remote monitoring via a simple text message or text and e-mail messages via an optional web based server. GSM is also available to monitor most competitors’ lanterns providing a fully universal system.

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  • Features

    Text information is displayed in a user friendly format for mobile devices and contains GPS position, battery voltage, lantern status and auxiliary data. Warnings are immediately transmitted such as buoy off position, lantern fail or low battery voltage. The GSM can be configured to provide a report at any frequency although daily is the most common option. It can be manually polled at any time.

    The optional web based system provides the added benefit of providing data on most Internet browsers. The user can visually see the Aids to Navigation (AtoN) asset position on a map or satellite image. Reports are available for each AtoN or can be configured for each group and over any time period. Reports can be exported to CSV, HTML, XML or e-mail making it a very versatile feature. Alerts can be configured to send an SMS message or multiple e-mails.

    • GPS Position
    • Battery Voltage
    • Lantern Fail
    • Internal Battery Failure
    • Digital Auxiliary


    • Data Plan Required
    • Text Messaging (SMS)
    • Regular Polling (Automatic Health Check)
    • Manual Polling
    • E-mail (Depending on carrier)
  • Specifications
    Quad Band
    850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
    Average Daily Load
    Input Voltage
    Back up Battery
    Operating Temperature -20° C to 55° C
    Approvals FCC, CE and RTTE
    Internal Enclosure Dimensions

    Length - 118mm (4.7in)

    Width - 86mm (3.4in)

    Height - 73mm (2.9in)

    External Enclosure Dimensions

    Length - 235mm (9.6in)

    Width - 185mm (7.3in)

    Height - 124mm (4.9in)

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.