SRM-2 Satellite Remote Monitoring System

Ideal for use in any location to provide web based monitoring of your AtoN assets
300 x 300

A buoy, lighthouse, beacon or virtually any AtoN can be equipped with Tideland’s SRM-2 communication module. The SRM-2 unit is a cost effective system that is ideal for use with the complete range of Tideland products (note: actual costs will vary depending upon client reporting interval requirements). With extensive satellite coverage, the SRM-2 unit is capable of operating in almost every location worldwide.

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  • Features

    The SRM-2 unit is also very easy to install as it is simply connected to an existing or new AtoN, and a power source. Immediately, the unit sends a system operability report.

    The SRM-2 reports through an Internet web browser, which displays the data in a user friendly format. Operation parameters (geo-fence, for example) are easily changed.

    Warnings such as buoy off station, lantern failure or low voltage are sent immediately. Regular polling can be established as user requirements dictate.

    Power consumption is less than 0.4Ah per day when used on a buoy to continuously monitor position and the health of the AtoN. The SRM-2 is light weight and compact allowing it to be fitted to almost any existing AtoN.

    Tideland Signal (Tideland) has developed a satellite remote monitoring system (SRM-2) that, when installed on any aid to navigation (AtoN), can transmit warnings and data such as:

    • GPS Position
    • Adjustable geo-fence warning area
    • Marine light go/no go
    • Battery voltage
  • Specifications
    Two-way, IsatData Pro
    GPS Channels
    Analog/Digital Input

    Input Voltage - 9 to 32VDC

    Maximum Power - 9W

    Average Daily Load - 0.4Ah

    Sleep Power - 1.2mW

    Temperature Range
    -40° C to +85° C

    Protection - IP67

    Length - 125.8mm (4.9in)

    Width - 125.8mm (4.9in)

    Height - 100.8mm (3.9in)

    NOTE: Specifications are subject to change.