Tideland Signal "NEWS" Archive

Tideland navigational warning systems have been chosen to mark the new Petrobras FPSO converted in the Remontowa yard in Gdansk, Poland for deployment in the Siri field in Brazil's Campos basin, which is thought to have reserves of 11 billion barrels. December 2008
4 Nautical Mile Self-Contained Marine Lantern. Tideland has developed a cost effective, lighter weight, self-contained marine lantern combined with robust construction and cutting edge technology. The SolaLED marine lantern meets 4 nautical mile visual range requirements in all IALA approved colors, and naturally is capable of operating with standard IALA flash characters. November 2008
Tideland buoys and lights to mark Port of Aden. Tideland Signal Limited, the UK-based aids to navigation specialist has won a major contract to supply buoys, lanterns and a racon for the port of Aden. November 2008
Tideland Signal Limited has won a major contract to supply buoys and lanterns for the Kenya Ports Authority in the harbours at Mombassa and Lamu. Under the contract, Tideland will supply a total of 14 SB‐285 2.5metre Sentinel buoys, equipped with Tideland self‐contained, self‐powered SolaLED‐140 lanterns and moorings. October 2008.
LED Range Light Takes IALA by Storm. On September 30, Tideland Signal launched its new LED range light at the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities conference in Copenhagen. The response from the world’s leading port authorities was overwhelmingly positive with orders being placed during the first day of the unveiling. September 2008
Tideland Signal Re-lights 8 Lighthouses in Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. After more than four years of lighthouse darkness all 8 lighthouses in Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba have been re-lit. Tideland Signal Corporation, in junction with their local agent, Radio Holland Curacao, provided the Director of Shipping & Maritime Affairs the solution needed to re-light all 8 lighthouses. The lantern of choice was Tideland’s MaxLED-200 long range marine signal lantern. September 2008
Dabbrook’s new HQ is shining example. Specialist electrical and engineering group Dabbrook has unveiled its new Great Yarmouth headquarters in a move heralded as a great boost for the town. The new site at Signal House, Morton Peto Road, doubles the size of the premises for the company and its 30 employees. The move follows a “significant interest” taken in the company by US-based Tideland Signal’s UK subsidiary earlier this year. Stuart Smith, who founded Dabbrook nearly 30 years ago and is now managing director. September 2008
Working through Hurricane Ike. In the wake of Hurricane Ike, which caused widespread devastation in the early hours of September 12, 2008 throughout the regions in and around Southeast Texas, Tideland Signal Corporation maintained production capabilities at their Houston, Texas headquarters. September 2008

Tideland buoys and lights for Qatar's Pearl Island. Tideland Signal, the international aids to navigation specialist, has won a contract to supply buoys and solar-powered lanterns to mark the prestigious Pearl Island project off the coast of Qatar. The contract is for over 90 Tideland WB-390 buoys equipped with L-120 solar-powered LED lanterns and moorings, all to be installed and maintained by Safe Sea Services of Abu Dhabi. September 2008

New Tideland buoy replaces steel in Shannon Estuary. The Shannon and Foynes Port Co. in the Republic of Ireland has chosen Tideland's newly launched SB-2200 polyethylene buoy to replace the “Kilkerrin Buoy”, an old, heavy steel buoy in Tabert race on the Shannon Estuary, where the narrowness of the river can generate currents up to six knots on a large spring tide ebb. August 2008

Tideland warning systems for Saipem's Angolan FPSO. Tideland Signal's SeaBeacon radar beacon (racon) has been chosen to mark the new Gimboa FPSO currently being converted by Saipem for Sonangol P&P of Angola. July 2008

Tideland warning lights for Nigerian Gas to Liquids Project. The new GTL ( gas to liquids) plant in Escravos, Nigeria will be equipped with an obstruction light system from Tideland Signal Limited to warn shipping in the vicinity. Tideland’s contract was awarded by Bilfinger Berger (Nigeria), which is responsible for the engineering and construction of the plant. The project, a joint venture between Chevron Nigeria Limited and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) will create one of the world's first facilities for the industrial conversion of gas to liquid fuels. June 2008

Tideland Signal launches a recycling service for its range of polyethylene EPS foam filled buoys. Tideland Signal has been producing rotationally molded polyethylene buoys for 30 years. When they started in the business relatively few of their clients placed a priority on recycling, but now as the oldest buoys are reaching the end of their life cycle and customers have increased the importance placed on environmentally friendly products, Tideland Signal has responded with an innovative recycling service. June 2008

Tideland Signal SB-2200 proves popular with expanding sales. Late in 2007 Tideland Signal released its eagerly awaited SB‐2200 polyethylene buoy. With a string of success in the development of polyethylene buoys since 1987, the SB‐2200 is the accumulation of experience and listening to our customers. “Our goal is innovation and the SB‐2200 has all the advantages of the 1.5m diameter SB‐98 but provides a larger focal plane and cross section” says Allen Mitchener, President of Tideland. June 2008

SolaMAX-155 Marine Lantern. Shortly after midnight May 14, 2008 the seagoing tugboat Independence was heading west through the Carquinez Strait toward the San Francisco Bay when it collided with the Avon Wharf, operated by Tesoro Corporation Golden Eagle Martinez Refinery. May 2008

New Tideland LED light beams out over the Kattegat The harbourmaster on Denmark's Læsø Island has replaced the  incandescent bulbs and lampchanger in a conventional warning lantern with Tideland Signal's new MaxiHALO-60 LED flasher assembly in order to achieve a brighter light giving better visibility across the Kattegat. May 2008

Tideland warning lights for New Zealand’s Kupe platform. Tideland Signal has supplied its offshore warning lights and other safety systems for the new Kupe gas platform in the Taranaki Basin, 30km off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. April 2008

10 Mile LED Lantern. Tideland Signal Corporation, leader in LED technology for marine navigation aids, is proud to announce the World’s first 10 NM lantern utilizing less than 8 watts; Tideland’s patented ML-300 Fresnel lens with MaxiHALO-60 EFF LED light source.

Tideland buoy-mounted AIS for Port of Barcelona. Against strong international competition, Tideland Signal Ltd recently won the public tender to supply its Informer V03 AIS (automatic identification system) to Barcelona Port Authority for installation on four of the port's most important buoys in order to improve identification by mariners and to make it easier to service the equipment. March 2008

Tideland Racons for South Africa. South Africa’s National Ports Authority has chosen Tideland Signal’s SeaBeacon 2 System 6 racons for deployment in the Richards Bay and Cape Town areas. Of the six racons ordered, four will be stationed in Richards Bay and two at Cape Town. January 2008

Tideland warning systems for Aker's SMART 1 FPSO. Tideland Signal, the international aids to navigation specialist, has supplied a package of safety measures for Aker Floating Production's SMART 1 FPSO, which is to be deployed in India's MD-6 offshore field. November 2007

Tideland fog signals for UK's largest wind farm. Tideland Signal's AB-560 fog signals have been chosen to warn shipping in the vicinity of what will be the UK's largest windfarm at Lynn and Inner Dowsing in the Greater Wash, off the Lincolnshire coast. October 2007

Tideland buoys and lights for new Australian LNG Terminal. Tideland Signal, the UK-based aids to navigation specialist, has supplied, 285P Polyethylene buoys and solar-powered lanterns to guide tankers into the berths serving the new LNG terminal on the Burrup Peninsula near Karratha in Western Australia. September 2007

His Majesty, The King of Thailand, is celebrating his 80th Birthday. To commemorate this auspicious event, the Customs Department of Thailand has built a new lighthouse, which is the biggest and tallest in Thailand. This lighthouse is situated in Ranong province. Tideland’s TRB-220 rotating beacon has been chosen to mark this lighthouse for its quality, reliability and brilliance of its excellent optics. September 2007

Tideland self-contained LED lanterns for Hay Point. Australia Maritime Safety Queensland has chosen aids to navigation from Tideland Signal Limited for the Port of Hay Point, one of the largest coal export ports in the world. August 2007

Tideland LED lights for Milford Haven’s South Hook Terminal. Tideland Signal Limited, the UK-based aids to navigation specialist, has supplied a variety of LED lanterns to help ensure the safety of the new ships serving the South Hook LNG (liquefied natural gas) Terminal under construction near Milford Haven, Wales. June 2007

Tideland warning systems for Thai mooring buoy. Tideland Signal, the international aids to navigation specialist, has supplied a package of safety measures for a CALM (catenary anchor leg mooring) buoy designed and built by Bluewater Energy as part of a tanker offloading facility in the Gulf of Thailand supplying the Thai Oil refinery in Sriracha. June 2007

Tideland Signal is proud to supply marine warning markers to the world’s first operational Kinetic Hydropower System. Deployed in New York City’s East River, Verdant Power has chosen Tideland’s SB-98 buoy to warn and provide safe passage for mariners. June 2007

Tideland Signal Corporation, an industry leader in LED lighting for marine applications is pleased to announce our receipt of USCG approval for Class A, B and C structures for our MLED-155 lantern with MaxiHALO-60 light source when operated under the jurisdiction of the 8th Coast Guard District. May 2007

Tideland Signal supply a package of safety measures for a CALM (catenary anchor leg mooring) buoy which will be deployed off the coast of East Java, as part of the Tuban Aromatic Project. April 2007

Tideland Signal to supply buoys for Port of Spain. After years of frustration in dealing with deteriorating pylons, Trinidad’s Port of Spain has purchased a total of 15 Tideland lighted buoys. Tideland will be supplying a combination of SB-285P, SB-138P and SB-98P buoys. February 2007.

Tideland Signal Corporation proves once more to be the choice for marine Aids to Navigation solutions to modern ports worldwide. The Port Authority of Paranaguá and Antonina have purchased twenty-two SB-138P buoys fitted with Tideland’s world famous MLED-120SC Self-Contained lanterns. February 2007.

After years of frustration in dealing with deteriorating pylons, Trinidad’s Port of Spain has purchased a total of 15 Tideland lighted buoys. Tideland will be supplying a combination of SB-285P, SB-138P and SB-98P buoys.


Expansion in Singapore for Tideland Signal Corporation. Tideland Signal Corporation of Houston Texas is pleased to announce the appointment of Captain Brian Tuomi as Managing Director of Tideland Signal Pte Ltd, its Singapore based Asia/Pacific operation. December 2006.

Tideland Signal Corporation, together with its Mexican agent Importaciones y Servicios Marric SA de CV, won a public international bid with the SCT to provide 11 SB-285P Sentinel Safe Water Mark buoys with MaxLED-200 lanterns, AIS, GPS and NAVLINK remote monitoring system. November 2006. 

Trinity House, the General Lighthouse Authority for England and Wales has chosen Tideland Signal’s SB-98P polyethylene buoy and MLED-120SC lantern for use as its emergency wreck-marking buoy in accordance with the new IALA Recommendation O-133 of December 2005.   The new IALA recommendation was promulgated following the loss of the “Tricolor” in the Dover Straits in 2002, when two other ships ploughed into the wreck.   October 2006. 

United States Coast Guard awards a long term contract for racons to Tideland Signal Corporation of Texas.   The three-year contract was awarded on June 29th with the first delivery requirement calling for 97 radar beacons.   July 2006

Tideland Signal premiered its latest advancement in LED technology at the International Association of AtoN and Lighthouse Authorities’ conference and exhibition in Shanghai, China, with the introduction of its new MaxLED-200 high intensity LED lantern.    June 2006

Tideland Signal Canada Ltd. has been awarded a contract by the Canadian Coast Guard for the supply of self-contained solar powered marine navigational lanterns.   The contract is the basis of a standing offer for a supply of 1,000 lanterns through the option period ending March 31, 2009. June 2006

The USCG has awarded a contract to Tideland Signal Corporation for a suitable replacement for their aging fleet of steel ocean buoys.   The new buoys must provide at least equivalent performance to the Coast Guard’s current buoy but at reduced lifecycle costs.   May 2006

The USCG has approved the use of Tideland lanterns on Class A, B and C structures, when operated under the jurisdiction of the 8th Coast Guard District.   May 2006ay 2006

Tideland Signal, the UK-based aids to navigation specialist, has won a contract to supply the Cyprus Port Authority with a large, solar-powered lantern for the port of Limassol. The Tideland ML-300 beacon, complete with four 50W solar arrays, batteries and regulator was installed on the harbour’s starboard breakwater by a local firm, Caramondani Engineers.   March 2006.arch

Tideland Signal Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Tideland Signal Corporation, has secured a contract to supply two radar beacons to Vietnam. January 2006.

Tideland Signal Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Tideland Signal Corporation, has won a contract to supply GRP Towers, in the Tsunami-affected area in the south of Thailand, through its teaming partner, Petrel Technology.   January 2006.

Tideland Signal Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Tideland Signal Corporation, has secured a contract to supply AtoN for three CNOOC platforms under the CFD project. One of the platforms, WHP-D, is manned; the other two, WHP-E and WHP-F, are unmanned.   January 2005

In August 2005, Tideland Signal successfully bid  AtoN, to mark the route into the newly opened Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mine in Labrador, Canada.   At latitude 54° North, Voisey’s Bay is exposed to the Canadian harsh winter and is a low solar charging environment, providing a true test of the modern self-contained solar powered LED lanterns included in the bid.   November 2005.

Pemex, Mexico’s oil producer, has signed an open contract with Tideland Signal Corporation to upgrade the Aids to Navigation equipment located in their largest oilfield complex. The total value of the contract is $5,000,000, which will be implemented in 2005 and 2006.   July 2005

Tideland Signal is now manufacturing its new SB-98P multi purpose polyethylene buoy in the UK, rather than importing supplies from North America, providing better availability for customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.   February 2005

Tideland polyethylene buoys and solar powered lanterns have been chosen by the UK Environmental Agency, to mark the approach channels through the River Dee estuary. Tideland has supplied twelve SB-138P buoys equipped with its advanced, self-contained MLED-120SC diode-based lanterns to replace the unlit spherical marker buoys previously installed. The move has been prompted by increasing vessel traffic in the channel, including steel carriers operating on behalf of Corus and a large number of tourist and leisure craft in the area.   March 2005

It was with great sadness that last month Tideland Signal Corporation announced the passing of its Chairman, Samuel N. Sprunt, after almost 50 years at the helm. What lays ahead for Tideland? In a letter to the shareholders in December 2004, Mr. Sprunt expressed his excitement regarding the recent release of a number of new products and he predicted a very successful future for Tideland.

Tideland Signal Corporation has been awarded a US Government “General Services Administration” contract,commonly known as a GSA contract. The pre-approved contract allows government organizations to purchase items directly from a GSA contract holder or from the GSA Advantage website, obtaining best value whilst meeting government needs.   January 2005.

Tideland Signal Corporation unveils high efficiency MLED-215 line of navigation lanterns for the Marine Community. The new MLED-215 marine lantern incorporates innovative design characteristics with a single, high efficiency Light Emitting Diode to produce a lantern capable of providing a range of visibility up to 3 nautical miles. The new lantern provides the option of three different lens configurations to maximize end-user vertical divergence requirements in a small, lightweight package.   November 2004.

Tideland Signal Pte Ltd (subsidiary of Tideland Signal Corporation) has won a contract to supply the state of Sabah, East Malaysia with a complete AIS Shore Infrastructure, together with Telekom Malaysia and Jinora Corporation. Telekom Malaysia will oversee the overall communication links. Jinora Corporation is the agent for Tideland in Malaysia.   November 2004.

Tideland Signal launches new polyethylene buoy for shallow waters.  The new SB-98P buoy is an addition to Tideland’s highly successful polyethylene range and is manufactured with the same materials and methods as the existing SB-138P and SB-285P models. The SB-98P is a multi-purpose buoy, particularly suited to shallow water, inter-tidal areas, fast waters, rivers, estuaries and deep harbours.   November 2004.

Tideland Signal launches Pharos Range Light LED replacement    As part of a modernization plan, the Canadian Coast Guard is retro-fitting its old but reliable FA-240 Range light with the new Tideland ALS-240/1 conversion kit.   September 2004.

Tideland Signal has been awarded a contract for the supply of a lighthouse Monitoring system for the US Coast Guard The contract, valued in excess of $1 million, is for one hundred units to be delivered by the end of 2004, following an initial delivery of six.   October 2003.

Tideland Signal has been awarded a contract for the supply of LED aids to navigation lights to the US Coast Guard The contract, valued in excess of $100,000, is for the delivery of one hundred and sixty LED lights, to comply with a very stringent USCG specification.    October 2003.

The Marine Exchange of Southern California has awarded a contract for the supply of an AIS Shore Station to Tideland Maritime Systems (TMS), to provide additional information and security for the jointly operated Marine Exchange – USCG Vessel Traffic System (VTS-LA/LB) - located at the entrance to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in San Pedro, California.

Tideland Supplies Two SolaChan Beacons for New Mussafah Port in Abu Dhabi Mussafah, located on the industrial west side of the city, will be the capital’s second seaport designed to accommodate up to 500,000 tons of cargo a year. Safe Sea Services Ltd of Abu Dhabi (Part of the Tideland Signal group of companies) has installed the unitized beacon systems with their ancillary equipment.

Tideland Signal Represented at the fourth congress of the International Harbour Masters’ Association from 23-28 May, 2004 at Stand 704 While the highlight will be Tideland Maritime Systems’ VTS (vessel traffic system) and AIS (automatic identification system) networks, Tideland Signal will be presenting our line of Aids to Navigation products.

Tideland Signal has supplied four SeaBeacon2 System 6 Racons to Conoco Phillips to mark redundant platforms, as part of the Conoco Phillips’ Decommissioning in Greater Ekofisk.. The SeaBeacon2 System 6 Racon, being more reliable than fog signals, offers better management

Tideland Signal Wins the Contract for Bulgaria’s Galata Field Tideland will provide its Syncrolan offshore warning systems for the new, unmanned Galata gas platform.

Tower Beacons for Ghana Tideland Signal Limited has won the contract to supply tower-mounted beacons for the entrance of Tema Harbour.

LC-6 EX – the NEW Flasher/Lampchanger for Hazardous Environments Designed for use with the ML-300EX marine lantern for hazardous environments, the LC-6EX is suitable for explosive environments and certified for Zone 1 applications (when installed with the ML-300 EX). It offers wide input voltage and synchronization with other ML-300 units.